Friday, April 8, 2011


I am not getting sick, I will not get sick, nope! Fight it.. urrggg...

Funny events for this afternoon. I decided I would finally send back that Netflix movie I had for 2 months, and my oldest doggy got a walk for the day. At the park I visited the pond. I believed, without a benefit of a doubt, that there were otters, or some other water dwelling mammal, in this pond. Well I proved this hypothesis correct today. A tiny floating "wood log" saw me and my dog walking closer to it, and it went PLOOP!, gone under the water! I immediately made a strange girly noise, (something along the lines of an inhaled "iioop!") and was filled with adoration as well as confusion. I still do not know what these things are exactly!

When I came home I was on Tumblr, and saw a Goosebumps gif, and instantly reblogged it. I remembered that the other day, when trying to find that damned bag of an infinite amount of colored pencils for my art, I found my old Goosebumps books in the desk outside my room!

I went to go get them today to take a look at them. You know what else I found? Prismacolor colored pencils...I had no idea I had those. I bought new crayola colored pencils (same that were in the infinite bag) knowing I'd regret it...... Anyway! So with the book rediscovery nostalgia heavily set in. I'm missing a lot of the books I used to have. There are only six here. I headed to Ebay to fix that! I just purchased one of my favorites; Return of the Mummy. It's like brand spankin' new! I'm so excited!

No news on my friend's surgery. Florence and the Machine is keeping me cool.

I've also reached 10,000 views on my blog! That is amazing! A HUGE thank you to everyone who visits!!
If I had more subscribers/active readers I would have a little giveaway. Anyone out there?


  1. Heh well I'm out here yes :P I have your blog on my feedreader :)

  2. :D Thank you! Maybe I should put a little something together. ;)