Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm about to head out to class, and it's raining. Boo. I will go out there with the world's tiniest umbrella and arrive at class to take a written test! I should of been studying more, but I'm just not the studying type. Hopefully I do well and keep my A in the class. All I have left this semester is 2 papers (I believe), 4 more tests, and a billion art projects (haha). I'd rather do a billion art projects that any of the others stated.

I'm going to try and blog everyday. Let's see how that works out. Oh! I received my Goosebumps book already! It's in brand new condition, it's awesome!

It's finally Spring. I had my windows open and was thinking about air-conditioning. The other day I was telling someone how you know Spring/Summer is here when you start seeing dead earthworms on the pavement. The night before yesterday I almost step one of the little night crawlers! You suicidal worm! Then I thought, "Ah, Spring."

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