Saturday, April 23, 2011

Closet woes and hunger pains.

I can never find anything to eat when I'm hungry! O.O

I just got back from a long time running errands and I feel beat. I'm kind of tired but also not drinking a lot of water or eating. I need to settle down.
I'm trying to organize my closet so that all my clothes don't end up on the floor anymore and actually have a place to belong. However, I never would have guessed how frustrating finding a tension rod (or organizing the whole closet in general) would be. To top it off I have all this JUNK! Anyone wanna buy this junk!? Hahaha. I have a petticoat I bought and do not want, my friend's old Domino's jacket, and a bin full of other useless stuff. I can't just throw it away though. Hmm.. maybe some penny auctions!? Or how about a garage sale? Eh we shall see. I just wanna be less cluttered and have more money. Lol. Is that so much to ask?

Last night I finished some more commissions too!

Now I'm off to start another faceup and hope I don't pass out, deep into a coma...

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