Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011: PAX East

I came home yesterday, got everything organized as best as I could, and took a photo of all my swag from my second Penny Arcade Expo. trip. If you love video games or other types of gaming you need to go to PAX. It is extraordinary! I bought a Triton Pro headset (beastly!), a Ditto t-shirt, Pokemon Black, WoW cards, and a Protomen hoodie. The rest I got for free. The L.A. Noire stuff was worked for technically, as I had to stand in line for two hours to receive it. I did get to see a demo of the game play, so it was definitely worth it! That game looks like it's going to be the best of the year, at least. 
I mentioned in the previous entry that I was suffering from back pain most of the beginning of my break, but luckily it went away in time for me to enjoy my PAX weekend. I'm so grateful. The first day in Boston was a bit hard, and I couldn't really walk around without my hips/legs starting to hurt, but it got easier as the days went on. I really need to strengthen my muscles. I hate it when that happens to me!!
While my friends and I were at PAX we decided to get a card game to play on the last day since we'd seen most of the things on the expo floor. We bought and became obsessed with the Resident Evil card game. It's quite fun and I also recommend it. Now that we're all hopped up on gaming we can't stop. Magic, Resident Evil, Battlefield, D&D, classic NES games, you name it, we want to play it and there's not enough time in the day!! Can;t wait for next year. Now it's back to work and school. Summer come soon!

I finally put my badge maker to work and helped my friend out with these buttons for his band. They're pretty fun to make!

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