Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love Saturday's because I get to work.

This past Saturday I was able to return to the horse retirement to volunteer. The weekend prior I wasn't able to go, and before that I was away. The last time I was there I threw my back out, and had to leave earlier than desired. I love going, and it was a real bummer when that happened. I definitely felt useless this weekend because I was afraid to do anything too strenuous. I must exercise and strengthen myself because I want to keep going. I love the horses there so much! Especially this goofy, handsome fella!

His name is Jumbo, and I believe he's 7 or 8. He is a sweet boy, but since I am so "green" he does these certain things to test me that I'm not ready for. (Slowly increasing his mouthing until he has my jacket sleeve in his mouth, with my hand dangling, just staring at me.) It's kind of funny to witness, but only kind of. All the horses there teach me that I have a lot to learn!

A funny story, before I went to the horse retirement, I had to get my bag packed so I had a change of clothes for my Grandma's 70th surprise party after. My uncle lives right near the place so I was able to swing by and volunteer before the party. Well I managed to pick a horrible outfit (see through shirt) in the rush to get ready in the morning. So I had nothing to wear besides dirty, hay smellin' clothes. Luckily, my mom told me there was an outlet mall around here and allowed me to get an outfit. Luckily again I was in and out with a lovely outfit.

Right now I have to finish two face-up's for Aves, and perhaps read some history homework, which probably won't do. I finished a paper 5 days before it was due on Thursday. I was so proud, granted I did skip art class... but it was for the greater good!!


  1. YeY lucky you :)
    I also like horses, they are really funny.
    And everyone have a different character :)
    Show us your new outfit :>

  2. Do you own any horses?
    I see you're from Ireland. I went there once for a wedding, and there were these horses across the way from where we were staying. The one kept licking me, he was so adorable!

    I bought this shirt!