Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming Close To Completion!

How do you like the new look everybody? Excited as I am? I worked pretty much all day on it yesterday. It's weird how time flies when you're immersed in HTML.

So I have some new pages and I'm slowly moving my shop over. The following is what's new here that you can take a peak at;

  • I have moved over the Progress List from my DenofAngels market place thread. It has all the commissions I am currently working on and their progress to completion and later shipment!
  • The Newsletter information has also been added to this page to help everyone get updated about commissions and other updates.
  • Next we have the SHOP, Commission Info, F.A.Q., and BJD links. These pages are not done at the moment but I'm working to get them finished A.S.A.P.!
  • Also, there is a new Facebook page for Meggilu! Please feel free to "like" it, post pictures of face ups by me, or write on the wall!
  • Lastly, and not too important, I finally have an About section. It's in it's first stages right now, it will probably be fixed sometime soon to add more info about what this site is about.

I should have mostly everything ready by May. It will be like a cutting ribbon ceremony, how wonderful! I will hope to add more customization info this Summer as well. First in order is to complete most of my commissions, and then it will be that time to start again. Let's get to work! I'm going to continue working on two handsome guys (Iple House sculpts) for Nats!

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