Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Itching to travel abroad.

Hey guys, guess what. I found Amelia Earhart, she teaches World Art I at my University. I meet her every Monday at 1pm. Lol. Seriously though, NJCU has some really special professors that you wouldn't even expect coming from such an regular ol' school. So I found new respect for my school and it really changes my mind when I think about transferring to another school because it's more "prestigious". So, my World Art I teacher is well over 50 and can write in ancient Egyptian alphabet. She has gone to Egypt every 2 years since she was younger and I'm just so utterly impressed by her! I myself have a special place in my heart for ancient Egypt, so I was enthralled with the stories she had told this past Monday. It really made me think about all the places I want to visit. Egypt, India, England, France, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam, Guatemala. The list is endless really!

I recently finished 2 dolls for CathyM. She had sent me another Volks mold I did not know about, and I'm really loving her! It's a Volks Mihmi. It made me think about the list of things I MUST do when I finally get to Japan. Those things are;

1. FCS Volks!
2. Get deco nail manicure.
3. Eat Sushi
4. Sanrio Puroland
5. Joypolis

Typing this I have also come to realize that life is not long enough.
Do I really have to die one day? It feels like I don't have to.
Haha onto the commissions.

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