Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome, welcome 2011.

New Years this year was similar to previous years. Nothing to spectacular, just a gathering with 3 friends. My friends and I don't drink or anything so we usually don't get too many guests at our "party". Still fun nonetheless. I got to go outside, by myself as usual, and bang a pot until I felt awkward (2 minutes max, probably). My friend's block is full of old people, and none of my friends find satisfaction in going out and participating (aka, have fun). I did get to see one single purple firework and hear others on distant streets! I hope to one day have a big giant house and invite everyone over, then I will have a whole marching band of people to go outside with and bang pots and pans! Speaking of big, giant house, did anyone see the new Dream Home from HGTV?! It reminds me a lot of the Catskills house I go to. Really nice.

Oh! New Years Day (yesterday) my friend Justin wanted to go to the mall. We were all off of work/school so we took a trip to Garden State Plaza. That place is so big that the parking lot was PACKED but the mall wasn't. Amazing. It was really fun. I got all of the things I really needed finally, including a table lamp from Ikea for working on commissions. Now I can see perfectly!
We also went to Ruby Tuesday's. I ate a salad and felt proud of myself. Haha. So proud that I went and bought a big ice cream delight. Lol. It was so pretty! So I took a picture!

So, today, I am getting back to work! Overtime! I have to ship Babyatrix's package and I want to get 3 separate commissions (4 dolls) at least semi-blushed today. I estimate that I will start the new list in the middle of January. I'm so happy that it's actually warm out, well for it being winter. The snow has melted a ton and it feels like it's in the upper 50's outside. No excuses now! The weather makes me really miss the Summer already.

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