Friday, January 7, 2011


As I'm understanding how Volks works a little bit more and more everyday I'm becoming more obsessed. I came across this one mold a while ago and fell in love. I don't know what it was, but it's so unique and adorable. That mold is the Volks F-26. Now with previous years I did not understand how to get a Volks doll from Volks. Like, not at all. I thought that every mold that wasn't on the website was limited and only sold once at a Dolpa in Japan. Man, I'm dumb. Now that I know I can do the FCS (full choice system) in either LA or Japan and can actually get my own F-26 I'm totally excited. Now I have even more reason to save up and visit Japan. Hopefully they let foreigners in....I think they do. I have my membership card! (; ^_^) I've also wanted the Volks F-16 for a while now too, even longer than the F-26. I find that face very handsome and you can see it somewhat replicated in the Kaelin and School A molds, which are ones I also want. This is totally one of those incoherent rants without direction or much purpose, run-on sentences and all. Well I got a lot of commissions to do before school starts again. So let's stop yammerin'.

P.S. The wrong Mihael is on his way to Leeke. I hope to get my correct one back soon!

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