Sunday, January 23, 2011

School, art, what have you.

Tomorrow at 1pm is my World Art class. I'm semi looking forward to it, but I kind of feel a bit overwhelmed. Looking at my 2D-Design class syllabus I saw things that frightened me about my degree progress. Am I able to do this? Am I able to build myself up artistically? Be serious, organized, and professional? It's kind of scary! All my ideas of what I want to do really clash with each other and it's not fair at all. How can I be an artist in the city, have a touring band, live in Japan, have a farm with animals to take care of, and have my own store all in one lifespan? It just doesn't seem possible. I'm almost 30 people! Jeese, it sucks even typing that. I'm not saying it sucks to be 30, it sucks to figure everything out too late. Maybe I'm just being an idiot. Yeah probably. I think I'm with everyone when I say, can I please get at least 1 more century added to my life? Then you start thinking about ....what if I don't even live to die of "natural causes" or "old age". A real bummer, man. Haha, where is this entry going? Where did it even come from? The deep, dark crevices of my mind, I suppose, just needing to see the light of a white background.

If you are really awesome at one thing, embrace it. It's not cool to be good at multiple things. You're only left with your hands tied; confused, undecided, and motionless. I think the weather has chilled my mood as well as time. It seems like things are going kind of ...slow. Which isn't a bad thing, it just has me thinking a lot and producing dismal blog entries. Winter you have outworn your welcome, and it's still only January.


  1. HI! I read your blog and I thought it was very interesting. How is art class going for you? I would love to have a bjd doll someday. But I am not working and I don't have enough money to buy one.Have you heard of the doll artist ryo yoshida? I would love to take a class with him to learn how to make a bjd doll. Have you heard of the doll artist website She is an amazing artist. I just love her dolls and I am obssed with them. I love just everyone of her dolls. But I can't figure out how to e-mail her or order in the future. Tell me what is japan really like? I would like to travel to japan someday. But I don't have the money to do it right now. You very lucky to live in japn because you have bjd doll stores and the conventions. I live in miami and we don't have these things over here. So it makes me very sad. Do you love bjd dolls as much as I do? I love bjd dolls! They are my inspiration! I look them up on the internet all the time and I go to forums where people are discussing bjd dolls.I really hope that we can keep in touch! Enjoy Japan!

  2. Hello! Thank you. Art Class is going ok, I'm really wanting to take more classes. I have not heard of either of those artists, thank you for sharing. Also, I'm not in Japan right now but I hope to travel there, sorry to confuse/disappoint you! I do love BJD's, and lots of other things. :)