Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Annoy, slow, idiotic internet!

Sorry for the outburst but it's true. What is this 1994? My internet connection is something I've been fighting with for as long as I can remember. It is so painfully slow I had to say something in my blog about it. Yeah.

Well as my vacation is coming to an end I'm disappointed, and not for reasons you may think. I'm disappointed I didn't get more commissions done. Well I do still have 6 days, but grr!! I'm also getting really frustrated with my style and ability. I am awful. Face-ups will look marvelous to my eye but once I take photos of them I'm like, "EW!" It's tough. I was dreaming weird dreams before, and while I'm in partial sleep I like to think about tasks. Tasks that I feel I should do or accomplish. My brain is in this like "that's so easy, just do it" mode. So I woke up having the urge to wipe Bikou's face-up and do it over. Whatever, right?! So I think I will. I cannot stand how her eyelashes look in photos. I hate them. We'll see what I come up with this time.

Now in other news we have Amalgam. In a previous entry I stated how he was sent to me in the wrong skin tone. This was confirmed by Leeke when I showed them that photo. Well, he finally reached Leeke the other day and they tell me that that was Basic Skin. ( ò      ~     o`) What the hello operator?! That head was way too light, basic skin was never that light! Well, I guess it is now. So he's getting sent back to me, and I'm waiting on the refund of my money for shipping. BLOWS! but what can you do.

I feel really crappy today for some reason. Alright buh-bye.

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