Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here is the Soom Lupin I did recently all finished;

He was my first color match using an airbrush. It was pretty time consuming so I don't think I will do it again for a while, but worth practicing in the future. I'm very happy about how he came out. I hope sirin7 is too! ( ^_^)

Today I had my last Environmental Ethics class, and on Tuesday, my last Drawing & Comp. class. It's pretty sad I'm done with them. They were both great classes with great professors. Man, I really will remember 2010 as being a great year, because it was. It IS!
Now I just have to study hard for my Japanese and Algebra finals. I do still have some more projects for Japanese class too. Then I am done! I cannot believe how fast this semester went by! Onto next year/semester. I have Civilizations II, World Art I, 2D design, and American History, with all decent professors I learned.

Well, onto commissions DOUBLE TIME after school is done with. Yippy!

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