Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Huge bummer.

I got my dress from fanplusfriend in the mail today. Sad news is that it didn't fit correctly. The dress has elastics on the sleeves, and they were painfully tight. I sent specific instructions added to the order what my bicep size was so that I didn't have any arm problems, which I usually do. It's frustrating to have fat arms that do not match the rest of your body. My arms are going to be the last things to go down in size. They suck. So yeah, I'm not sure what will happen next. They emailed me back asking me to take pictures of the arms. If I do not get a refund or something I will most likely just sell the dress to a skinnier armed person. Lol. Sigh. My excitement for Lolita just lost some steam. It's all about the deco/knitting/dolls for me, maybe that's just what is meant to be. Well, until I lose 50 pounds.

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