Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Double Bummer.

This entry is going to be a Debbie Downer kind of entry. Lol.

Ok I heard back from Fan+friend and they offered me to return for a refund or keep the dress with a partial refund. I took the partial refund because I would be losing money if I returned it. I will just have to try and carefully remove the elastics in the sleeves. I will also try and get it fitted to my body better. I believe the shoulder width is too big. I'm not sure if, at this point, I will be wearing it to the High Tea. However, I do still have another lovely, casual dress to wear.

I have a lot of work to do, I can't even think about it, but I will. I must write about it or I will feel it weighing on me. I think if I write it out it the problems will be organized out in front of me, and maybe I won't feel so bad. Because of a stupid mistake on my part, I had to do a face-up over. So my awesome process time is a bit lagged now. The depressing part is that it feels like December just started, and Christmas is NEXT WEEK! Time! Stop moving so fast! Please! So right now I'm going to try and work on 3 dolls as best as I can.
Not to mention, I have a commission coming back because the nose chipped during shipping! Ugh! Those face-up protectors do more damage than good. Do not put face-up protectors against any part of the face; lesson learned!

Next, I have my Japanese final tomorrow and I haven't started typing up the notes, or studying, or anything. What a dummy is I. I also have to put Christmas decorations on the banister in my house. It's my job every year and I have put it off this long. I will do it! Right now! Well after I type this and get Meike's dolls cleaned. Speaking of cleaning, my room, need to clean! Holy crap.

Also, I have packages that are in like, mail limbo, or something. They are not commissions, they are things I have ordered. Deco stuff from China, my petticoat, cute pants for Momochuu, and face-up sealer. Mail people I need these things, please take care!

Lastly, my health. I need to exercise. My SI-Joints tend to get inflamed and I get muscle spasms, and I am confined to a bed for at least a week. This cannot happen. This would be detrimental to everything. Also my stomach/gallbladder have been acting like jerks. I'm working on feeding myself accordingly, and trying to not let my stomach get too full or too empty, but ugh.

So that's my crappy entry. Happy Holidays!!

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