Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chill, so much chill!

December is here already, and we're already on the 5th actually. I can't believe how incredibly fast time goes when you get older. It's insanity. We have a Christmas tree decorated so far and it's marvelous. Also in December I opened up commissions at midnight on the first. Boy oh boy did I not expect the site of my inbox that day. So I'm really taking charge. I got my brother's blackberry and decided to get it setup to be all business. Haha. You better believe I'm going to deco the crap out of it! I already ordered the rhinestones, pearls, and such. I will probably need more things though.

More specifically on commissions, I am trying my best to get a lot done. I am working on sirin7's Lupine. It was quite the challenge because I decided to take on airbrushing. I really hope it's smooth sailing from here. Then it's onto cynner's commission.

I learned this past Thursday that not only may there be a Japanese III class now, but a Japanese IV! HOLY MOLEY! I will be able to put the Japanese exchange on the back burner and take more classes here with the best sensei everrr!

Time to work work work!

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