Friday, December 10, 2010

Buncha stuff.

Guess what is on it's way that I didn't expect to get until 2 weeks from now the earliest? MY DRESS! It has shipped and will be here in time for the High Tea on the 22nd. I just ordered a petticoat for it and I hope that arrives in time, as well as fits under the dress. I cannot be more excited to actually try it on. The only dilemma I see is what the heck shoes am I going to wear? I'm going to be walking around in NYC! Slippery-inside dress shoes with tights and sharp edges does not sound fun when walking in NYC. I will have to figure something out.

Today I was going to head in NYC as well because Sanrio is having a special event in Herald Square, but I realized I have a lot to do. Commissions, errands, and studying! So for now I must keep busy. I don't need an excuse to spend anymore money on things for myself during this holiday season anyway!

And here is a commission I recently finished, I love doing sad and intense face ups;

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