Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some happiness within the sadness.

This depressing stuff is really weighing me down, and it's not helping that I have PMS. However, out of the darkness shone a light and made me a bit happy again. It was Leeke World wigs. Yeah, yeah, pathetic - I know, but I mean a girl's gotta find happiness somehow. Anyway, Bikou's wigs came today and BOTH of them are perfect. Bikou originally had turquoise hair, but for some reason I decided to go the "eve cream" route. Funny enough, when my GO was ordering I was told the eve cream color was sold out in the particular wig style I chose. So I thought, well might as well go with the "pale turquoise". I'm so glad I did. It works! I'm not going to show any pictures yet, because I want to get her face up on! I will probably do that while I'm waiting for news on my mom. Yeah my mom's having surgery tomorrow. She better do great.

So basically this is where I'm at;

Mom's Surgery
BJD hobby

That goddamn depression is preventing me from enjoying life!! Why does this happen to human beings!?

Did I mention FFXI? Yeah, searching for happiness.
Do I have any readers? Anyone ever lose a best friend in any way? Feel alone?

I'm a lamer.

p.s. I forgot to mention, I'm trying to get the money together to put an AE Miriam on layaway to catch the Oct. 14th pre-order deadline, but it doesn't seem like I'm gonna make it...

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