Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feeling better.

As Halloween approaches I'm so happy to say that I'm feeling better in every way, health-wise and mood-wise. I lost a little bit of focus but I hope to get back on track. I have seriously let to many things fall to the wayside. I'm glad that things are not really that bad, and I can sit back and realize that.

So the good news that follows is in many parts.
First off, last night Mick took me to go to the mall to give it one more hard try to find my Shosanna Dreyfus dress. You know what, I found something! It was pretty awesome, because I was starting to doubt that I'd even be able to get anything. It's a really nice dress that was only $38! I can wear it for other fancy occasions too! It's not the exact style, and I do have to wear a ghetto bolero (made from another shirt) over it, but it's something! Something good at that! To top it all off my pillbox hat arrived today. I wasn't expecting that either! The only thing I have to worry about now is doing my hair. ( ^ - ^)

Second! Tomorrow I'm heading into the city to do a photo shoot with Gulshan, and her dolly lovlies I faceup'd, Rohit (IH Ryan) and Chandana(IH Tania). I'm excited to get that finished. Then after that I'm headed to meet with Jennie and friends to go karaoke-ing. I'm hoping to remember to try to get some birdcage veil material for my costume while I'm in the city. Crowning glory!

Lastly, I love Bikou, and I'm on my 34th business day mark for Momochuu~'s order!! ( ^ O ^ )/
I really hope I get a shipping notice soooon. I cannot wait. I keep forgetting I bought little shoes and undies for her. Haha, that's all she has to wear at the moment. ( 0 ^-^)

Took some pictures of Bikou, but you can't see them. Here she is sitting on my shelf though. Gah, she's so perfect, well besides the fact that she has some extra anatomy....

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