Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, I'm gonna keep my boy.

I'm keeping it, I'm keeping the Jerome boy body. I put it down to $375 for a limited time (October 1st), and then I just felt it wasn't worth it anymore. It's not selling, I'm not Feeling selling it for that low, no one's interested. Get the hint Megan and keep the piece you worked so hard for! Yes. So, Bikou will be on a boy body for now, but she is ALL WOMAN! Just have to start saving up again! ( ^ - ^) Sorry Hitomi, I don't see us getting Evey anytime soon, but hey don't worry we're getting you a body to share with Bikou! She didn't like that.

I just noticed it's sad that I don't have any full complete dolls to do photostories with, so I result to random typed conversations. ( 0 - _-) Well, I'm off to go look at some NINE9 Style clothes I can get for Bikou's manly side! LOL!

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