Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh boy, literally.

The body's not selling, or I'm just impatient, but the body's not selling!! I'm really truly contemplating just making Bikou a feminine boy. ( - o -) I just don't want to wait any longer! I'm sad. I'm confused. Bikou is definitely confused. (  o . o) I'm going to keep the body up for sale a little bit longer, a bit though October. If it doesn't sell, it was meant to be. I also kind of like the thought of having the whole complete Jerome I was sent. Wow saying that made me really want to keep it even more. Maybe I will leave it up for sale until September ends. (0 ^_^)

Momochuu will be coming in November probably!!! My birthday is in November! What a wonderful gift she will be! I will love her very much, I already do~! Momochuu~ (  > 3 < )

Speaking of October and November! In October I will be camping! Yes! Camping and going to Hershey Park at the saaaame time! I don't know what I will be yet for Halloween though, or if I will dress up at Hershey Park. I'm excited. November will be my 25th birthday. I will be a quarter of a century old! Good thing people tell me I look 18. Sheesh. It's really chilly right now too. I love it!

Working on commissions all weekend! <3

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