Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lumos Maxima!

As we're drawing close to the fall season, I'm really getting into the Harry Potter Spirit. Part 1 of the last movie is  playing in November, my birthday month! I just cannot wait. The trailer looks so good. I really want to read all the books over again. I have recently become rather interested in Draco Malfoy. I think it's because I really like how the character developed, and how Tom Felton portrays him. Well I'm mostly bringing this up because I've been thinking a lot about having Harry Potter themed BJD's! It started as a want to have Ron and Hermione, but then I wanted Harry. I gave up the ghost because it was just too big of a task to tackle. I had other characters that I was seeking molds for. Then I randomly came to wanting twin dolls, which led me again to Hogwarts. I wanted them to be twins (I really wasn't thinking about George and Fred at all, really) and students at Hogwarts. They would be a boy and a girl. THEN, all the sudden, I'm really wanting a Malfoy BJD. That makes, what, like, 10 characters in my collection!? Let's run through it;

Female Egyptian demon/no name yet
Endou Eiichi
Wizard Twins!

15! I need to stop! All of these, minus my little Momochuu, are SD sized. I don't even know if I'd ever have enough room, let alone funds, to have all these dolls! No wonder many in the hobby take to drawing. I think I should too. I need to draw more.

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