Friday, September 24, 2010


Ok so it's almost October already, which is insane, and I'm not getting any takers for the boy body from Crobidoll. So here is my new plan; start saving up to purchase Spirit girl body, leave boy body up for sale, cry. I was really contemplating just taking him off the marketplace and having Bikou be a boy while waiting to save up, but I don't know. I want the body to stay brand new and untouched. I just really want Bikou done! ( TT O TT )

In awesome news, sensei brought a friend into class today that didn't speak English! ( O o O ) I was really nervous and when I was told to ask her a question my mental capacity plummeted. At first I said "Denwa bango desu ka?" which means "It's a phone number?" I also said "bango" weird supposedly because everyone laughed and corrected me. Lol. When I finally said it correctly, "denwa-bango wa nan-ban desu ka", she laid it on me and I forgot every number she said as she was saying it. I nodded my head, and sensei asked me what she said, I had no idea I said. Reading it I would know exactly what she said. I get so nervous that my brain just doesn't know what to do with itself. It was quite funny though. Then we got an awesome, awesome surprise! Sensei and her tomodachi held a tea ceremony and koto playing session! Again, I was like ( O o O ). I got to play Sakura on a simple Koto. The whole experience of everything made me so happy! ( ^ _ ^ ) It was fun when we went to Nakamura-san to partake and a tea ceremony. Like I said she doesn't speak English, so she was giving instructions and speaking in only Japanese. Good thing I'm good at reading body language. ( 0^-^) When she handed out sweets I asked "Mochi desu ka?" It was. I ate it and said "Umai!" and that made her laugh. When we left class I bowed and said "Dozou yoroshiku onegaishimasu" to her. I felt so nerdy doing it, but glad I did. She responded back and said arigatou. My stomach burned, it was so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! I can't wait to go to Japan!

Traditional full Koto:

One like what we played:

Tea Ceremony:

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