Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I need to stop being impulsive! But maybe this will work!

Well I just bought these new beauties. They are Ever Purple, they are for Bikou, and they are expensive. (0 -o-)
I really believe they fit the character way better than a pair of flat brown eyes. I really wanted dimension and warmth and hopefully these bring it! If not I will cry, again, expensive! We will just have to wait and see! I was not even planning on getting urethane eyes at all. The reason I was against buying urethane is because they take so long to be made. When I was searching high and low for nice eyes for Bikou I came across these in the marketplace I was like !OH!.  Buying these also takes the stress out of deciding what company I should buy her wig from. A lot of companies will have great eyes, but lame wigs, and visa versa. I didn't want to order overseas from two businesses. So I'm happy, and low on funds. I can't even buy the wig now, and not to mention Momochuu's eyes, let alone decide which to get.

This entry is kind of mundane. Haha.

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