Thursday, September 30, 2010

Excitement today!

Lot's of exciting things today! I get to learn about the Te-form in Japanese class today! I wanted to learn about verb conjugation so badly! I did well on my Algebra test, I think. Also, October 1st is tomorrow! I close my commissions tonight at 12am, but my LeekeWorld Group Order is closing too. So Bikou will finally have herself a wig soon, or at least I hope!! AND, I learned today that I can get free tickets to the New York ComicCon/AnimeFest! Holy snap! Anyone going? *crickets* (  . _ .)

It feels like it's getting less humid out, which is great. I really want to finish 3-4 face ups this weekend. I have to get that list a movin'! I hate having to keep people waiting, especially if their doll is already here.
Gah, I can't wait to be able to do Bikou's faceup. I'm a bit scared to touch the resin. It's so gorgeous. Crobidoll resin is so nice!

In total randomness, I ate my bento in the little park next to the bus stopped, and a squirrel came up to me and I gave him my almond. A squirrel ate my nut! The Receptionist also won the Kia contest! Yay! I have a crush on him.

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