Monday, August 16, 2010

There's no time to waste..

I wanted to get most of the dolls I had here done, but when I walked out of my room it was sooooo gross outside. Then the thunderstorm came and went and I'm sitting here wanting to do lots, but can't do anything. I also manage to run out of sealer before I order more. I'm an idiot. I have just a bit left and I have 3 more cans on the way.

I did a commission for Sadistic_x_blood on DoA and she sent me a pictures of him. Tan dolls are so handsome, but a tan El is gorgeous!

Also I did end up selling the Luts Wintery head (old Amalgam) and I offered the future buyer a face up of their choice with the sale. Well here he is all "naturale".

I decided to order 4, yes 4 wigs when I order my Jerome. It just makes sense to get all the wigs I want so that I don't have to pay for shipping from Korea more times than needed. I'm so excited I can't wait, but I have to! I started a GO, which no one seems interested, but I plan to still wait until the 22nd. Yay! The day before I have a doll meet I will be attending in NYC to see guls207 of DoA. It will be fun (even though I'm doll-less)!

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