Saturday, August 7, 2010

Simmer down.

Ok the weather has been beautiful the past two days, and I am working on commissions again, finally. Yesterday I mentioned having doll selecting troubles. Well, last night I looked at my wishlist on DoA and saw that I put HZ Hui Ka down. I thought, wait a minute, let me look at that guy again! Sure enough I was like "Rune!". I believe this guy is Rune! He comes with awesome horns and has the saddest face. I think this is him! I have the money to buy him right now but....I really really wanted the Crobidoll Jerome for a long time. I think I will just keep saving, and buy the Jerome for now. If it doesn't work out I can alway sell again. I may even end up selling the R-line body anyway since the Jerome is supposed to be a girl. One thing though, I'm still not sure about HZ's resin quality. White skin looks really yellow, but he is pretty perfect for Rune. (It's stupid that his name is impossible to use in the forums search!!!)

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