Friday, August 6, 2010

Save money just to go crazy?

For the past couple of months I've been saving lots of money in hopes to buy a new doll or body. However, because of this mass amount of money I am saving, I am going a bit insane trying to find the right thing to purchase. Characters are flopping all over the place, morphing and splitting. I just wanted a Crobi Jerome!! This is not fair! I'm starting to look for new molds for Amalgam. It's quite frustrating...

I am also making new characters and looking for their possible molds, specifically Osiris and Rune's female counterpart, both involved in Rune's story. Endo Eiichi is looking like a Chrom again...and I even considered a Fire Lord Chrom for Rune. This hobby is impossible!!! Will I ever buy a doll!

Here are my mostly faceless characters.

Story I (Egyptian Underworld);
No name yet(female demon)

Story II(Earth Protectors);

Single characters;
Endo Eiichi

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