Friday, August 20, 2010

Ok am I having a conniption?

As stated before I formed a Group Order for my purchase from Crobidoll. Well someone finally wanted to participate and I was already convinced no one was going to join! Haha. It threw me for a loop! So after changing things up A MILLION times I finally got things in order. The real date is set to order my Bikou (びちゃん)! Eeep! So excited and so nervous to actually spend that much money " "( o . o )" ".

Good news too! One of my friends from Japanese I is able to now take Japanese II! I was just excited about that. Lol. School starts in less than 2 weeks. My art teacher changed to some scary sounding person..! We'll see how this semester goes. I have to get the best grades I can! I must be able to exchange to Japan! Well that is, if my school even get's something set up. I will know more info on my first day back. I am determined! YOU GET YOUR OWN APARTMENT! Sorry, it's just too awesome.

I am cleaning my room and getting all my old junk ready to sell in a garage sale to earn money for said high hopes ^_~. I will finally put in that closet organizer that I was supposed to get installed 5 YEARS AGO!

Life is good.

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