Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No! So soon!

Well I just got done doing a MASSIVE amount of laundry. Basically every article of clothing I own. I'm still not finished either. I can't wait to get this garage sale going! It'd be cool if I could incorporate it onto the internet in a fun way. We'll see. I just want my closet to be organized and functional like it's supposed to be.

Ugh anyway, I always get side-tracked. Tomorrow I'm back to classes. Wish me luck! I hope to get all A's again this semester. I'm going to go to the International Students office to get the scoop on exchanging to Japan! I have a feeling I'm going to be totally too busy for the next 4 months, but seriously, these are my favorite months. I am going to make the best of them! I need to make a checklist...

In total randomness. LOOK AT THIS! I NEED IT TO LIVE!

Now I'm not really a bag person. I've gotten into using them for school, but not without irritation. BUT THIS BAG I CAN SLEEP IN IT! It's so huge and full of Kitty-chan-ness that I would probably use it for travel as well. Oh I ache without it, and that's a strange thing for me to say....about a bag!

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