Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My vision has become clear.

Normally I have a really hard time drawing what I see in my mind. That includes drawing things like faces with two eyes...a nose...entire head and hair, whatever! It leads me to never want to draw because I get so frustrated. But! Recently I've been able to translate onto paper what I am looking for in my characters. It's the strangest thing. There was a trade off though, of course. I cannot play Call of Duty right now to save my own real life, let alone my in-game one! Jack of all trades, master of none. That's me. Eh, but I'll take it. Drawing is a better skill anyway. The reason I mention this is because I never thought I'd fill up the "Drawing" category on this blog! Guess I was wrong. I drew(I can't stop apparently) Hitomi, my AE Mu, today.

I also took some pictures of Amalgam...which led me to think I should sell him. Yeah I am lame, but Amalgam's not in this mold anymore. Yeah Amalgam is still around, still my lovely boy, but the Wintery's not working.
(  ; - ; )

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