Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movies and newses.

I upped the ante on my Netflix so I could feed my romance fix faster. Yeah recently I had a random urge to watch squishy love films. Random, that's me.

Looks like I will be redoing a face up which I am mostly happy about and determined. Sometimes a sculpt just gives you a hard time. The thing I dislike most is when lips do not have much definition. It's then easy for them to turn out looking like a duck bill or a sour face. ( > x O) So I'm dedicated and ready to fix this boy up RIGHT!
Rohava's boys were completed yesterday and are on their way home today. Ryu's are really handsome, crush.

Now about my dolls. I have a huge array of stories and possible characters collecting in my mind. It's a bit frustrating when you just want all of them in doll form now! It's impossible unless you're wealthy. I think because of this two characters are morphing into one! Bikou and Prise are becoming one. I am leaning more towards Prise though, since the story I created about her is more elaborate, and I also already have Prise's counterpart, Amalgam. The look however resembles Bikou's. So I'm saving to order a Crobidoll Jerome who I think can be Prise...but he maybe Bikou....or both...or neither. I seriously don't know. However I drew this up last night, and it surprised me. It's Bikou and it's Prise. What the hell!


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