Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lovely city stroll.

I just got back from a trip to NYC. There was a meet today where I met the lovely Gulshan to pick up her two glorious J.I.D.'s for a face up. The whole thing made me miss having a doll terribly. I gave in a little and put up a WTB thread on Den of Angels.

Oh that's right I did not mention the change that occurred! Long story short, I was confused on how to handle dividing the shipping and how long to keep the GO open. This gave me the feeling that I shouldn't do a GO, and also my lone participant backed out. I was a bit sad, more relieved, and mostly confused. I want a Crobidoll Jerome! I'm just having a hard time ordering it and forking over the moola. I don't think anyone is going to want to buy an R-line boy body and I won't be able to buy Evey. So I'm taking my luck with a WTB thread. *Crosses fingers*.

As I was saying, I was in NYC. While walking to 33rd street I found the Nintendo store! Yep it was a pleasant surprise. They have a giant king slime from Dragon Quest and I want it. I took a picture on my phone but will upload it later.

Then walking on 6th Ave I noticed there was a street fair going on. So much good food, but I didn't want to have to wrestle with my book bag for money and have to juggle the food and all. So I settled for a FREE Cherry Dr. Pepper! That's right a FREE COLD Dr. Pepper. The guy was like "Get your free Dr. Pepper!!" as he was setting up right in front of me walking towards him. I audibly said "Reaallllyy?!". Lol, it was a dream come true! 

I then stopped at the Kinokuniya, and had a brief conversation with the most ADORABLE little Japanese boy. He was speaking Japanese with his dad the entire time, but when the dad went up to get some food he came over to my side of the table. He was staring at me and asked me "What's that?" and pointed to my food. I was like  ( o O o ). Soooo cute!! I wanted to say somethings in Japanese to him, but chickened out.

I'm about to go out with my parents for my Dad's birthday. Then I will continue with work ( ^ _ ~ )v.

So long blog.

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