Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Library's a buildin'.

Yesterday, big surprise, I went to Mitsuwa. I always manage to embarrass myself in the book store, and this time was no different. I wanted to get an easy Japanese manga so that I could practice. However, I get frightened to the verge of overwhelming proportion when I need to speak to the employees (I thought she said "ballroom" instead of "volume"; I tried to say "arigatou gozaimashita", but was unheard because she told me to come around the desk to correct something on my receipt.)
My embarrassing efforts were all in vain! The manga I wanted to ask about (because I couldn't find it) was Gakkou Kaidan. Long story short, I thought it was Gakkou no Kaidan instead of the correct Gakkou Kaidan. Based on the picture I asked my friend to pull up on his phone using the wrong title, we showed it to her and ordered. I thought it was the right one, but turns out "School Ghost Stories" is a very popular manga title!
(0 //- //o// -//). So I ordered this instead of this (or this). Yeah! Even the one I want has two different types!! So confused, but you can never be disappointed in Japanese ghost stories. I also bought this book, which I am joyous about.

School starts soon (Sept. 1st), which mean Japanese II starts soon, and I am very, very excited! Let see how I manage a 7 and a half hour gap in between classes. I hope my dad won't mind picking me up at 10pm. 
( 0 ^_^)

Going to hang out with Mick tonight, as he doesn't have work tomorrow. Today is humid and gross so I cannot work on commissions. I hate it. I also forgot to mention that on Monday I went karaoke'ing for my friend Jennie's birthday. I ate kimchi at a Korean restaurant, and takoyaki (yes takoyaki!) at the karaoke place! Both we not bad but I definitely liked the kimchi more and would not hesitate to eat it again. Delicious!

My Azumanga Daioh dvds need to be broken out and watched again. It's been a while!

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