Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I caught the Volks bug!

I never really understood Dollpa's or limited lottery items or even how the heck to order a Volks doll. I just looked, saw it was a bit more complicated than other doll companies, and gave up. I would see Volks on the marketplace being priced so high, and I thought, they must only be sold in Japan at Japanese Dollpa's or something! (Durrr). Recently, I started to fall in love, and actually pay attention to how much I liked certain molds. Could I tell you the names right now without looking? Of course not! But I still do love them! Volks' sculpts are so easy to face up, and paint on too. So anyway, I suddenly got the urge to figure this Volks stuff out, especially since I missed the one in NYC. I took a trip to the News/Events thread in DoA and saw all these people winning the lottery items for a Dollpa in Osaka. Call me dumb, but I was like "whaa they don't live in Osaka?!" I get it now! OH GOOD GRIEF I GET IT NOW! I think it is bad that I did because I'm aching. Look at this!

How adorable!! \\( T O T )//

Whyyyyyyy!!!! o. ( ~ o ~ ) .o

Will I be ready for the next one!? At $900 + I don't think so. I am trying to save up for my flights to Japan next year (crosses fingers). BUT! I will be in Osaka! (^_ ~ )v

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