Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working hard..

I want to strive to be the BEST FACE UP ARTIST IN THE WORLD!! Yeah right (-_- 0). I am working hard though, but I can barely call it work. I love it so much! I always want to do my best for my clients too. It brings me joy, haha.

I got my compressor on Saturday and tried my airbrush out. It was quite funny. I pushed down on the trigger and was directing the air towards the cheek of my AE Mu. I slowly pulled back to release some paint...."Where is it?" (o.o ) I pulled back a little more...."I think I see some color...?" (- ~ -)  "Ah! There it is....hey that's not where I wanted it..." (õ Δ õ )/ . "Ok let's try to get just the tear duct....AAGH!"

So spraying far away and coating the entire doll is easy (thank goodness), and doing face up details will need more practice. Fine lines? Forget about it. Haha!

I leave you with some Mameshiba (豆しば)!

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