Friday, July 30, 2010


I watched Into the Wild last night and I've never heard of the true story before, so it came at quite a surprise to me. I remember when it came out and I would hear a little about it, but I thought it was a fiction about a kid who tells his family and friends he wants to live in the wilderness. They tell him he's crazy but supports him. Ha! I had no idea what was coming. Oh boy.

I think the tone of the movie led me to have the strangest dream. The strangest part was (be prepared to laugh) I was painting dolls outside on like abandoned overgrown train tracks.. I had two tan dolls belonging to 2 different people. One was a expensive Volks, the other I believe a Migidoll Ryu (which they don't make either in the tan color they were in my dream). I'm cleaning them off with W&N and THEY START TO FALL APART! The Volks face cracks right down the left side. The Ryu is crumbling like an eraser! I'm freaking out! How do I explain this to the owners. Why is this even happening? My mind came up with the idea that someone sold that person a "fake" doll made out of Sculpey and passed it as a resin Volks. Hahah! Oh girl.

I'm going camping ironic..or not...I never know how to correctly use that word. I'm going to try to finish up 3 commissions today. Let's see if it works. I finished this guy last night. Tan Els are soooo handsome!

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