Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The pay off..

It's rainy, warm, and humid outside. Yuk. I'm also waiting on some sealer to get mailed to my house. It was supposed to be here yesterday... (-_-0)

Yesterday I finished up three face ups, one in which I was getting frustrated with, but finally came to a sweet conclusion.

Souldoll Celina

Migidoll Jina

C.C. from Code Geass (Volks Ryo)

I was really excited to do a blue resin face up, but BOY is the Souldoll blue resin hard to work with! It's extremely shiny and slick so the sealer does not have a good time. Also they make all your pink pastels purple. ( ^ ~ ^ 0) The face up you see above I was going to start over because I was getting frustrated! A few added fixes and reassurance from the owner and voila!

How cute is the Volks Ryo!? I realized I love doing Anime inspired faceups. If you want a doll to look exactly like your favorite anime character, come to me! (^ O ^)/

I'm heading to my friends show at 7pm. Let have some fun!

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