Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I can't say this enough...

IT IS SO HOT!!! .'( - ~ - ; )`.

I bought the biggest grape/cherry slush ever, and it seems like there isn't any ice in it!!! (ò = ó #)
I came back from Michael's, as my Twitter says, and bought a whole bunch of paints and stuff. I'm excited to put them to use, however, it is to hot to do anything. No, not me physically, it's the stupid Mr. Super Clear. It's the temperamental one! There should be a storm coming soon, so that will cool the air down a bit. Then I can get started. For now I can just stare at my stuff and the poor dolls that wait blank, patiently.

I bought my own compressor for the airbrush I also purchased. I am just so excited to get started with that also. I need to stop talking about it. It's making me antsy, because I can't do any of it.

4th of July was pretty chilled out. I took like 20 pictures total. I am lame I know. They will be on my other blog and in my flickr.

Pre-ordered FFXIV. Yessss.
Which reminds me. I forgot I have school in September. Pfff! Why does FFXIV have to come out in September. Good thing I have given myself a relaxed schedule. Algebra, Enviro. Ethics, Drawing & Comp., and lastly Japanese II. Should be simple, based on the pure fact that only 2 classes will want me to write papers.

I gave Molly a bath today. I'm confused on why she was shivering even though it was 100°F out. A human will never know.

I have to stop making random, multi-topic entries. This will have like 8000 tags on it!!!

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