Friday, July 30, 2010

How cute is this!!

I noticed, since I visit the Crobidoll site often, that the Summer Event dolls are now shown! I cannot believe how cute their little head accessories are!! I would always love to have a little doll with a penguin or kittles securely attached to their head!! \( ° Д  °  / )

I entered the Summer Event Contest but do not believe I'm going to win (or even qualified). They are really cute though! Yep those are the dolls that you could win if you entered the contest! I really would love the "Silver Ring" doll or the "Love". Good thing is they are available for sale too. Bad thing is that I'm trying to save up for a Jerome. I am 2/3 way there! ...or do I want to go to Japan. ( ¬ ~ ¬ )

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