Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rethinking and confusion.

I have these fictional characters that I have been itching to make into real life dolls. I've been playing with their personalities and looks in my mind and have not been able to be happy with their resin counterparts. Most of the time I can't find anything at all. These characters are; Rune, Endou Eichii, Amalgam & Prise, Bikou, Ashley, My Himgyaru girl, and Scout. However I do have a reverse problem where I have the mold I know would be perfect for a character (tanned Lishe) however I do not know about the character at all other than she is an Egyptian demon or spirit.

It's troubling because I have Amalgam, he's bodyless, I have the AE Mu and this Luts Mill that was intended for the himegyaru and Bikou character...and what is this all about? Well I am having a bit of confusion. I want to sell all the dolls I own now to get one. One that I feel is perfect for....two characters? What do I do?! The Crobi Jerome is PERFECT! Perfect for either Bikou or Prise. I think the Crobi Ys is perfect for then I should get the Jerome for Prise...but I like the look of Bikou better...should I get rid of the Bikou character? So confuuuused \(T 0 T)/ Not to mention if I get the Jerome I would want it to be a girl, Prise and Bikou are girls...yet Crobi doesn't sell female options. I'm so infatuated with this doll I'm wondering if I should develope a whole new character around him being male? Should I turn Bikou into a male? No that wouldn't work with the face up I want. Crap.


[Update: I'm starting to think Amalgam as a Ys is not this is unfair.]

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