Monday, May 31, 2010

Face Up Sealer (BJD & Blythe)

A resin based sealant is the most important item you will need to create doll face ups (besides the doll of course). I will show you techniques, reviews, and other useful information using two sealers I think make the cut as adequate face up tools.

You will learn;

  • Optimal sealers.
  • Sealant Safety.
  • Why and How to use sealant.
  • Sealant Troubleshooting.

Optimal Sealers.

First, I would like to share with you the two sealers I feel do the best job when working with doll customization. These sealers have the best strength, protection and grit. Out of the sealers I have used, and researched, they seem to be the go to. Those sealers in order are;


1. Mr. Super Clear Flat (UV Cut)                                  
2. Zoukei-mura Finishing Powder Spray UV Cut

Mr. Super Clear is my top favorite. When there seems to be a MSC "drought" I turn to my second choice, ZM Finishing Powder. ZM is slightly lighter and smoother in texutre when compared to the MSC. However, both have that desired "grit" or "tooth" needed to grab the pastel powder and thinned paint. They are also true to their "flat" and "matte" label. The rest of the information in this section will be based on these two sealers. They can be purchased at or VOLKS.

 Mr. Super Clear claims it is "NOT SAFE FOR PLASTICS", so use at your own risk when applying it to any doll that is plastic based.

Sealers that do not work or I did not like were; FolkArt Acrylic Matte SealerPatricia Nimocks Acrylic Clear Sealer by Plaid. They were not truly matte and had an oily shiny look to them. Barely any grit for pastels to stick to. Sealer I haven't tried is Testors Dullcoat. I have read that it is an ok substitute, however I  it yellows quickly and becomes sticky in hot/humid conditions.

Sealer I have yet to review is Citadel Colour Matte Varnish or Citadel Purity Spray (UK) by Game Workshop.

Sealant Safety.

Mr. Super Clear and ZM Finishing Spray are both Japanese products and most cans do not display any English safety or directional text. As you may guess both sealants are harmful to your respiratory system along with your eyes and skin. Most sealer contain acrylic resin, water, a solvent that helps disperse the resin particles to allow to be sprayed, and a flammable propellant gas that pushes the product out of the can. The solvent and propellant is what is mostly harmful, but you do not want to breath in resin dust either. Please be sure to keep these things in mind when using the sealers;

  • Use in well ventilated area.
  • Wear a respirator.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
  • Keep can out of extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • Flammable!
  • Aerosol cans, handle with care.

Also, please be advised when using these sealers indoors, the product will end up on anything it is sprayed near or on. For example, I spray in my bathroom on a window sill, and that sill/window/screen is COVERED with caked on sealant! It also floats around the room and settles on everything in the form of white resin dust. So be cautious!

Spray booths can be used, but make sure you use one that has a fan with an explosion proof motor. These can be expensive, but a good thing if you don't want to end up like a Seamus Finnigan. Most hobby spray booths are to be used for water-based airbrushing, and do not have explosion proof motors so be cautious!

Why and How to use sealant

To be continued!


  1. Thanks for the info. I have been looking to find info on supplies need for face ups.

  2. Where is the continuation of this? :(

  3. I take my dolls outside, hold my breath, spray, and hurriedly run back inside with the doll and set it somewhere to dry/fume out away from me. lol ... I also wear a glove on the hand that is holding the doll to avoid getting any mist on me, then I remove the glove after lying the doll down, then I wash my hands. You can't be too careful. I have experienced neuropathy in my hand numerous times from accidentally getting the MSC UV on it. I am more careful now.

    1. And you state that you are 'more careful now'? You spray and run back inside WITH THE DOLL that you have spray over? O_o Do you understand that there's NEED A RESPIRATORY? And you even take the doll with you?
      Many dont want to spend money for a respiratory (just like me that Im poor) but at least, I would not take the doll inside with me, I would leave her in the garden on a table... and wait at least1 hour! More, to hold the breath is not enough, as particles of MSC literally remain attached to everything near the place where you spray (so over yourself too), at least you need a fan against your direction and you need to be covered with a transparent bag (be careful) all around your face, spray while hold your breath and run away !
      That's more safe for sure than your method!