Friday, March 5, 2010

All the days I've been busy...

No crafting or art really in the past month. I've been super busy at school, but having fun. Spring break is here and I hope to get a lot of face up's done, as well as have the most fun possible. I'm really over winter, haha. I can not wait for pools, camping, and beaches. I just got a swirl of butterflies in my stomach just thinking about how cool it will be. I was able to finish 2 face up's one weekend so I will show you now. I quite like the simplicity of their faces.

I still feel like I need more work with face ups and I always hope to get better. Here's to that (^_^)/. 

I am selling my Jacob Black inspired LeekeWorld Brown head. I wish I didn't need to... I'm not sure how much to sell for as of now so I am taking offers. He is extremely rare, and has one of a kind aesthetics. If you are interested please PM me on DenofAngels forum!

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