Friday, December 11, 2009

Selling, selling, and selling.

I am forced into a strange situation. Holidays are coming, school is coming, dogs get into trouble, and money get's taken out of my account in which it shouldn't have. All at the same time. So I'm waiting for a $70 refund from 3 different companies and I have a $106 balance at the vet after paying $200. I'm going out of my mind. I need dog food money, I need emergency money. Oh boy! I'm selling most of my dolls or seeing what I can get from them. It really sucks because I love them all but I do not see them as important as life. I will accept offers on here or if you're on Den of Angels here are the marketplace threads.

CHROM Human head, Jacob Black (Leekeworld Brown).

Full Souldoll Lily.C with new gen. body. Face up and blushing by me in style you request.

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