Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I have not been giving this blog as much attention as I'd like.

Busy, hectic, crazy, busy December. I have bitten off a lot. Not more than I could chew necessarily, but just a lot. To top it off it's the holidays. Oh brother.

Commissions are great, they give me joy and a paycheck. Doing face ups is my full time job to support myself and my three dogs. Am I a bit of a loser? Maybe haha. Well school may be in my future and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I also have to worry about even be able to go to school if they even accept me for financial aid. I'm afraid I might have to take out body blushing services and jump the price of face ups to $75. Mr. Super Clear is driving me insane.

Apart from that I have been asked to do a cd design for one of the bands here in my city. I'm so excited to do it, but I have stuffed it in with the millions of things I already have to do. *smacks forehead* Oh boy I just remembered the 2 Mandy hats I have to make. Gah, and I really want to finish this blythe doll! Overload!!!!

Anyway! Here is a preview of one of the full doll twins I'm doing :D

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