Monday, November 23, 2009

Face up skill level up?

I have been doing face ups for almost 3 years now. I seem to not crawl up in skill slowly with each face up I do but bounce up every 10. I realized that the mold type does effect my ability to do a perfect face up. I do have a lot of trouble on teeny tiny molds which I still need to perfect. You just don't get many of them. Luts molds seem to be my perfect match.

Also I love it when the owner has an idea and it's fantasy-like. They're not sure what to do and leave it up to me. That usually allows me to have no holds barred and go at it with the best of my ability. I think I just did the best face up of my life and I'm jealous he gets to go home to Aves on DoA! (^o^ ) Haha, no I'm so thankful and grateful that she asked me to do these face ups and how happy she was of their outcome. I really love doing this!!

I hope this does seem to be too vain. I'm just excited!! \(^O^)/

Compared to the first face up I've ever done.

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