Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok I'm really excited now!

I had the privilege to face up a Limhwa tanned elf (pictures below) and I put her up to my blushed LW Brown and the resin MATCHES!!! I looked at the Mano body before and thought it was too scrawny. Now that I look at it however it's not really that bad. The pecs are pretty sexy looking haha! So I'm going to save up for a tanned Limhwa Mano! I think the LW heads or too small for the Mano bodies but whateverrrrrr!
Anyway. I think this is the best faceup I have done to date. (yeah way to boast and brag lady!)

If anyone has a Limhwa Mano and a Leeke - L doll do tell me if the Leeke head fits on the Mano body!

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